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Founded in 1996, The Newsboyz have steadily climbed to the forefront of the Texas scene. With some of the more recognizable faces to play the circuit, you are assured of polish and professionalism every show. Widely regarded as one of the most versatile bands around, the group keeps the dance floor packed from start to finish. A 1-2 punch of amazing lead vocalists compliment a terrific pair of backing vocalists (with instruments) to form a versatile and formidable vocal lineup. This group boasts one of the most impressive lists of repeat clients in the business, illustrating just how happy audiences are with their performances. Performing regularly as a 5-piece group or for an extra big treat, add the three piece horn section and put an 8-piece group on stage for your event!

For non-stop dancing and the most professional overall presentation around...The Newsboyz deliver!

Tamara (featured vocals)

Described by audiences as the "little dynamo", Tamara has brought a great deal of flexiblity to an already diverse unit. Her commanding stage presence and powerful voice will make your audience converge on the dance floor. This young lady leaves every audience wanting more!

Ryan Haire (lead guitar/vocals)

The defining moment in Ryan's life came very early. He was watching MTV (when they played videos) at the age of 8 and "Sweet Child O' Mine" premiered. He looked at his parents and said... "I wanna do that!" From there it was off to the races. A seasoned musician, Ryan has been turning it up to 11 at clubs since he was 12. He was a professional musician in Miami for 2 years playing with accomplished Singer/Songwriter Shauna Sweeney, and earned his Master's in Music Business from "The U". Not exactly the avenue Slash and Gun's and Roses went down, but close enough for Rock and Roll.

Geoff Kaiser(bass guitar/vocals)

Geoff’s life was changed at the age of 8 when he was taken to see Elvis Presley in concert; from that point on he knew music was the thing. Blessed with a natural ear for music and having enhanced his abilities with a musical education (including a stint at the University of North Texas), Geoff has enhanced his experiences by developing into a top musician for recording and performing in Austin for years. Among other things, Geoff loves playing bass, taking great delight in holding down the thundering low end on the dance floor to get the crowd jumpin’!

Aldrian "Al" Johnson (lead vocals)

Aldrian's love for music began many moons ago when he was a inner city youth growing up in Houston, Texas. Due to his mom being a single parent, music lessons were a luxury they couldn't afford. With this in mind, he figured if he would not be able to play any instruments, he'd just resort to singing. About that time, the world had given rise to a little musical genius known as Prince. This changed how Aldrian and the world viewed music forever. His love for the Legendary Purple King grew stronger with each passing year. Life happened and Aldrian was almost lost to the music world. He never gave up though, hoping one day his chance would come. That time is now. A new chapter begins. A manuscript is about to take shape. The first chapter, "Aldrian first love: Music". The rest is unwritten.

Jimmy Russell (percussion)

Jimmy started making waves as a young drummer for an Austin group called Rule #1 several years ago. Since 1997, he has been pounding out the steady dance groove for The Newsboyz. Jimmy's reputation as one of the quickest studies and most solid performers in the area is enhanced by his work with this group. Don't be surprised if you find yourself on a dance floor and look up to see his smilin' face making you move. Jimmy also played in the ever popular Dear John in 1995-96.

3 piece Horn Section (Trumpet, Trombone and Saxophone)

Add a one, two or three piece horn section for your event and you are ensured of an even more unforgettable performance.

From left to right: Joseph "Jo Jo" Serrato, Javier Stuppard and Michael Rey. These and any number of other great players from Austin, TX regularly work with the Newsboyz at clubs and private events where horn additions are requested.

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