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Newsboyz Technical Info

The Newsboyz utilize the latest technology to provide a quality show that focuses on providing the audience with a musical feast for the senses

In Ear Monitors

"In Ear Monitors" are small headphone-like transducers that allow the musicians to hear themselves perfectly, each with his or her own individual mix without the use of traditional "wedge" monitors. The main problem with wedge monitors is that they eminate high volume levels on stage and contaminate the mix the audience hears with all kinds of extraneous sound bouncing off the walls and ceiling. In Ear Monitors, in conjunction with the "No Stage Volume" approach mentioned above creates an environment where the music comes only from the main speakers, which can be aimed precisely at the audience area.

Not only is this important in larger/louder venues, but it is especially important at lower volume events, such as wedding receptions and events held in "acoustically challenged" spaces. It's a difference that has to be heard to be believed.

Acoustic Analysis/Optimization using SMAART

Before and during every show a computer-based sound measurement system called SMAART is used to measure and optimise the sound in real-time. This is a very precise way to identify and compensate for any acoustic anomalies that inevitably occur in some form in every venue.

Wireless Microphones and Intrument Transmitters

The vocal mics are all wireless. The guitarist and bass player both have wireless transmitters for their instruments. This allows for increased mobility on stage, as well as movement throughout the audience area, allowing for lots of audience interaction. Also, this provides an extra benefit at events where an event participant needs to speak to the audience and move about freely. An example of this would be the "toast" at a wedding reception.

Equipment Optimized for Quick Setup and Tear Down

All equipment is packaged and optimised for quick setup and tear down to minimize the impact on other activities taking place before and after special events. Also, the use of In Ear Monitors and "No Stage Volume" drastically reduces any sound checks that must be done to several minutes. Sound checks can be conducted through headphones while other event activities are taking place nearby.

Variable Sound System Configuration

The Newsboyz travel with a system that is appropriate for most ballroom or event center rooms. A subset of this system can service smaller rooms and the standard system can be augmented to accomodate larger halls or outdoor venues with audiences of several thousand. Secondard PA systems can be added to support wedding ceremony music or other multi-location events.

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